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Dear ben, im sorry

Energy bars

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Date and oat energy bars. I made these the other day. First I was just experimenting with eating healthy foods in different ways. After my first bake of this I knew it was something special.  So far i've made 6 batches and all work perfectly!

The recipie is in the recipes page and photos in the Photo Gallery. 


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Part 1

Cold, that toast is always cold. Maybe it’s the toaster? Now I have bigger problems, there was a knock. Has she come back? She’s gone 2 days now, I don’t know what to do. I open the door with caution. Oh it’s only Mrs Deering from number 45. The door closes slightly, already knowing her nosey personality. “Ya mum in yet sweetie”? What do I do? “No not yet, but she will be, she will”! She walks away, thank...

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My readers, I hope you will enjoy to learn I have started to write a book. I started about a month ago.

the first part will be shared in the next blog post.



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After much thought I hve decided to take religous studies instead of art and design.

i feel I will enjoy the debating and philosophy side better, and will look better on a cv!


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As year 10 is coming up its time for me to decide my GCSE options.

I hope to take

geography, health and social care, drama, art and design photography


Lentils for Lunch

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (6)

After having pancakes with nutella for breakfast, I go on to make my lunch. Finding Lentils in my cupboard I make a lentil soup. I found this really filling and great if you've had a late start.

Pictures of the soup are in the photo gallery and recipes on my Recipes page.



Shout Out!

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There is another blog (which is very good!)

It's by Hannah Bailey

Take a look!