Aidan Cooks

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Posted on February 27, 2015 at 4:15 PM


Part 1

Cold, that toast is always cold. Maybe it’s the toaster? Now I have bigger problems, there was a knock. Has she come back? She’s gone 2 days now, I don’t know what to do. I open the door with caution. Oh it’s only Mrs Deering from number 45. The door closes slightly, already knowing her nosey personality. “Ya mum in yet sweetie”? What do I do? “No not yet, but she will be, she will”! She walks away, thank god! I’ve heard what she shouts at my mum. All about care and police.

Oh I do miss Naomi, her sweet smile and her eyes shine like distant stars. I’ve never told anyone how I feel about her. They’ll judge me; they’ll think I’m weird? But now I’ve got to go! Before she comes back. Mrs Deering never liked my mum, she said she drank too much and told her she knew I was being beaten. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t mums fault. She was drunk.

It never used to be like this, we all went for walks and were a normal happy family. That was until we got the news; dad had got blown up in afghan. Sorry, just, just wait a minute. I get quite emotional about my dad, were were always so happy. Dads accident, well this affected mum for weeks, she cried and didn’t speak. Until the day we moved. I still don’t know why, we had a nice house and now. Well we live in a two bedroom flat in Lewisham. Coming back to normality, I pack my clothes and some stale bread in my violet striped suitcase. I go to grab my coat but, they’re here. All I can hear now is “Knock, Knock”. These two taps can change my future.


These police men come in and talk to me, I trusted them. So I told them, I told them everything. They ask “why are you not at school Midnight”? So I tell them…

“I can’t face what they say, the names they call me. I thought it was ok, everyone’s different”!


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